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Haveli House, Byron Bay

Updated: May 8

Haveli House, Byron Bay.

After doing a photoshoot in Ha’veli House, we realised Bali may be a little closer to home than we once thought. It came as quite a shock after stepping foot into this tropical oasis, that we were still in Australia!

Only minutes away from the heart of Bangalow, Haveli House offers Indonesian inspired luxury accommodation. We simply could not get enough of the stylish, exotic decor. Detailed touches and intricate ornaments meandered through the space and evoked nostalgic memories of some of the most beautiful travel destinations we’ve experienced. You won’t want to ever leave this dreamy haven!

However, if by chance you’d like to step back into reality, you’ll find that the waterfalls, lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, yoga, shopping, surfing and spa treatments are just a stone’s throw away!

In fact, we were fortunate enough to work with one of Australia’s best spa therapists, Aleshia Marie Luxury Spa Experiences. From the comfort of your holiday accommodation, Aleshia’s 5-star spa experiences allow you to relax, reflect and be fully immersed in each moment which perfectly complements the tranquil surroundings of this exquisite sanctuary.

Passionate about the power of healing and touch, Aleshia has researched and worked in some of the finest establishments in Asia, Europe and Australia. Her treatments also provide much in the way of sensory pleasures - the fragrant scent of fresh local roses, the comfort of luxury Sheridan sheets, the soothing sounds of a carefully selected melody and the flavours of artisan vegan chocolate and hand made naturopathic tea. Her attention to the subtle qualities that create an idyllic space allows a nurturing and organic experience that’s an antidote to the everyday stresses of reality.

For bookings, visit

Although we were not fortunate enough to personally meet Heidi, the owner of Haveli House, we have only heard impressive reviews about her outstanding hospitality. Heidi also runs a store in Byron Bay where you can purchase some of the finest antique homewares from across the globe.

You can access her online store here:

We’ll be sure to unwind at Haveli House on our next visit to Byron Bay!

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