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Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre (BARC)

Recently I took a little trip away to Bali, and the number one thing I was most looking forward to was visiting BARC. I have been following all their social media accounts & have been donating to them on a monthly basis. They are an organization that I care soo deeply about, and the work they are doing is incredible.

If you could please take 5 minutes out of your day to read the following & have a look at these cute photos I took of them below, I will be furrrrever grateful!

A BIG thank you to my friend Sharday Hoppe, for donating so much stuff for me to take over to them!

Bali can be a challenging place for animals to live. If you have ever been to this island, I am sure you would have noticed the large amount of stray dogs & cats wondering the streets, and too often they experience humanity at it's worst.

If you are visiting Bali or thinking of visiting Bali in the future, please go see these guys. They are located in Ubud. They are always in need of some toys, towels, blankets, donations, dry dog food and desperately just need to have some cuddles & human connection before hopefully being adopted out into their furever homes.

I am writing this post for a plea for help. BARC is desperate. THEY NEED A MIRACLE!!!

BARC have been working tirelessly for the last 4 months trying to solve the problem of their safe-house contract finishing resulting in 130 dogs having no where to go!

They have found land & have been raising money in every way they can to get the land.

Time is running out & we are asking EVERYONE to help them reach their target. They have raised half of what they need.

Their Safehouse that is currently home to 130 of their 350+ animals and is an amazing space that they had planned to renovate and expand on due to the Adoption Centre closure. But to their dismay, a recent meeting with the land owner, with the intention to extend their contract as promised, revealed a sudden change of plans.

The contract extension is no longer available to them. So for the last few weeks we have been desperately and busily searching for suitable land and we have found a perfect piece! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Well we have 4 months to do the following:

ADOPT as many adult dogs and puppies as we possibly can , then the stress of loosing another location and moving is less we hope for the dogs and us also.

RAISE MONEY to buy the new piece of land.

ERECT fences and a small building on the new land

DISMANTLE the old safe house While still continuing on our daily activities including:

RESCUE & Rehabilitation

FOSTER and Adoption Program

SCHOOL & Banjar Education Program

STREET Sterilisation & Vaccination Program

JOEYS Law Campaign

MACAQUE Rehabilitation Program

STOPPING the Dog Meat Trade with the help of our International partners

CONTINUING building Warriors Legacy Sanctuary

CARING for the 350+ animals in our care

SO THIS IS HUGE! They need everyone to please DONATE as much or as little as you can, and please ENCOURAGE others to donate, ORGANISE fundraising events, SHARE their fundraising links, share their Adoption posts and encourage others to Adopt Don't Shop!

Please help them to get over the line by donating just $5!!!

BARC have also created an online merchandise store to try and raise what ever money they possibly can.

Check out their cute range of products from mugs, to phone covers, t-shirts and tank tops. Order online from their Dog-E-Store and have shipped anywhere in the world.…/web-store/merchandise

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