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Bridget + Ryan - MARRIED

Updated: May 8

Love isn’t cancelled. I’m sure it’s a term you’ve come across numerous times amidst the global pandemic, and for Bridget and Ryan this quote could not ring truer. Only days before their wedding, Co-vid restrictions came into place and put a cloud over their original wedding plans. Rain, hail, shine, virus or no virus - these love birds were ready to conquer all to unify their love. On what would have been their wedding day, they decided to do a simple elopement with only their Mother’s present as witnesses. After discovering that the couple didn’t get to see each other in their bridal attire, nor do a cake cutting or have a first dance, their wedding photographer and videographer duo, Woodlands Creative decided to band together with some of the original vendors and give them the surprise of a lifetime with a micro-wedding. Whilst Bridget and Ryan were getting ready for what they thought was a bridal photoshoot and vow reading, they had no idea that there was an army of people working away to create the most magical scene for their surprise micro-wedding on the lush grounds of Lee’s Farmhouse. Working together, @floralanarchy and @everlongevents styled every last detail in the ceremony and reception area to personally reflect the style that Bridget and Ryan had dreamed of. Meanwhile, Woodlands Creative were preparing a cosy little campfire for the guests because, let's be honest, a winter wedding is not complete without a few roasted marsh-mellows! Bridget knew she wanted the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John to walk down the aisle. Which is fitting as she was quite the tiny dancer herself when she first met Ryan. It was over 20 years ago, in primary school when their paths first crossed. Bridget loved putting on dance shows as a child whilst Ryan was busy outdoors playing sports. They attended the same high school, but it wasn’t until after graduating, that they shared their first kiss. Fast forward a few years, and they welcomed their beautiful daughter Remi into the family, and since this day, their newest little bundle, Jude. The time finally arrived for their ceremony, and there was not a single dry eye in sight. Bridget's sister led the ceremony and opened with "No matter what a marriage or wedding means to you - what it comes down to its a celebration of love”. Although this day wasn’t what they had originally organized, Bridget felt it was “so much more than what she could have ever imagined”. Her favourite moment was ” finally seeing Ryan at the end of the aisle and him finally seeing me in my dress. I felt like a proper bride, even though we had technically been married for 3 months already. I’ve always asked him if he thought he would cry as I walked down the aisle and he did, it was such an emotional moment”. After sharing their vows, Bridget's sister closed the emotive ceremony on a humorous note with "It is with great pleasure I now pronounce you - for the second time - husband and wife!” As dusk neared, the guests shared heartfelt speeches around the table setting before the cutting of the cake. The proverbial cherry on the cake was a perfect ending to a beautiful day with an intimate yet energetic dance floor consisting of their most loved ones under the starrysky. Couple - Bridget & Ryan Wallbank

Date - Sunday 21st June 2020

All Vendors involved;

Photography - Folk Lane Photo

Film - Woodlands Creative

Instagram - @woodlandscreative

Venue - Lees Farm House

Instagram - @leesfarmhouse

Florist - Floral Anarchy

Instagram - @floralanarchy

Styling - Everlong Events

Instagram - @everlongevents_